Thetford Area Action Plan & Kingsfleet Development

The Thetford Area Action Plan (TAAP) is a planning document now adopted by Breckland District Council to cover the future development and expansion of Thetford. Of relevance to cyclists are a number of proposed “Thetford Loops” around the town and also extending to the north and west. Also included are plans for a large urban expansion to the north and east of Thetford, building on current agricultural land inside the bypass.

The planning document includes the requirement (in Policy TH25) that:

Subsequent planning applications for detailed development phases will be permitted where they positively plan for and deliver the identified walking and cycling networks. Proposals which detract from the attractiveness and affect the functionality of the networks will not be permitted.

It also states (in Policy TH12):

Proposals/schemes for areas where parts of the [Thetford] Loops [cycling] network runs through or are directly adjacent, will provide the Loops as part of the proposal/scheme.

However, it remains to be seen how well these policies are enforced. Breckland Council has already failed to make any representations to the Highways Agency over the A11 dualling work which effectively blocks one of the key “Thetford Loop” routes to High Lodge. (Although this occurred before the TAAP was technically in force.)

Further information:


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