I went out today for a routing route inspection as part of a longer bike ride. All the signs were fine, so now work was needed.

I did however have a closer look at a known problem — that of how to sign the junction at Knettishall where route 13 and 30 meet. It’s difficult to do using the standard ranger signs, as from each approach there are two directions to take, with different route numbers applying. From one approach there isn’t even a suitable sign post to attach any signs to.

I think the long-term solution will have to involve permanent signs. Probably some combination of adding facing panels to existing posts on the approaches, and maybe installing a new post at the junction. Photos showing the three approaches, and a possible position for a new three-way sign are shown below.

IMAG2442sIMAG2443sIMAG2444sMaybe Suffolk County Council can be persuaded to do something here, as part of the Suffolk Year of Cycling.

Update (2015-09-24)

Out of the blue, I’ve been contacted by Suffolk County Council about this junction, and hopefully they will be able to do something to improve the signing. See Knettishall Cross-Roads Signing.