Today I attended a regional Sustrans Volunteer Day at Westgate Church Hall  in Peterborough. I travelled there by train with my bike from Thetford.

Booking bikes on East Midlands Trains proved to be an interesting experience. A week after my initial request, I received a reply saying that I had a space booked on the outbound service I wanted, but that the return one was already full. They said that there was however space on the next train back, and would I like to book that instead. I replied yes, but then didn’t hear anything else back from them. It turned out not to matter though. On the outbound service I found a reserved ticket on one of the bike bays. On the return journey I came back on an earlier train anyway, and there was enough space for me to fit in. (Despite the bays saying that there’s only room for two bikes, you can easily get three in the space if you park them carefully.)

The first half of the day was a group cycle ride around some of the local NCN routes. We left and joined NCN 12 and then NCN 63 heading west past the rowing lake. We then turned south on RCN 21, before returning via NCN 53.

After a good buffet lunch, we had some talks about the work of Sustrans and future developments, and then attended one of several different training sessions. I opted for the one about working with the media.

All in all, it was an interesting day out, and it was good to meet up and chat to lots of other Rangers and Sustrans staff.