I set off for a route inspection and some more signing this afternoon.

First a few confirmation signs added to the road going north through Croxton, and a sign at the A134 for those travelling east:


Then it was on to the new section through Santon Downham and Brandon, which was completely unsigned. I added a pair of signs at the turning with Harling Drove, and a pair at the level crossing:


I’m still waiting for confirmation on the exact route through Santon Downham, as part of the route currently shown on the official map is signed on the ground as a private road. So that bit will have to wait for another day. The best I could do for now was to add a pair of signs when entering and leaving the village:


There’s another stretch through Brandon that needs confirmation, since the map doesn’t show what I thought the new agreed route would be. At the Santon side, I could only add a sign on the Santon Road leaving Brandon:

Back on Brandon High street, we have the following signs going north (some of which replace previous station link signs):


And the following signs going south:

Finally, we have the junction at Weeting, where changes were needed to the existing signing. There’s a permanent sign which needed some subtle alterations:

In addition to this, going north / west cyclists will see:

And going east / south we have: