Sign Corrections

Today I went out to fix a few signs on Route 13 near Thompson, that I’d noticed were wrong while out walking last weekend. The signs were attached to new Norfolk Trails fingerposts, and directed cyclists on an old alignment of Route 13, rather than on the official route shown on the Sustrans map. The new signs are shown below.

The correct route leaves the Peddars Way at TL91199510 and heads north-north-east to the junction at TL91839613, before continuing in to Thompson. On the way, I also discovered that the road was blocked by a fallen tree. This has now been reported to Norfolk County Council.


Route 30 Signing

As part of a longer ride today, I took the opportunity to fix a couple of issues I’d noticed previously on Route 30 just north of Thetford.

First, one of the existing Ranger Signs attached to a telegraph pole on Frog Hill Road north of Croxton had become hidden by the overgrowing hedge. A bit of cutting back soon fixed that.


Secondly, a road sign that previously held a permanent NCN sign at the junction of Frog Hill Road and Harling Drove Road, had been damaged a couple of months ago. It was then completely removed. Unfortunately Norfolk County Council didn’t get back to me about whether/when the sign would be reinstated. This was the only right-turn sign for cyclists on Harling Drove Road. So as a temporary solution, I’ve attached a new ranger sign to a convenient telegraph pole.

Thetford Signing

On my way to a meeting I reinstated a sign on Castle Street that had been removed when a roundabout sign had been replaced. I also noticed that some new Public Spaces Protection Order notices had been put up over another Sustrans sign outside the Post Office. I’ve asked Breckland Council if they can be moved.


Update 24/02/2018: That was quick work from Breckland — the signs have already been moved to a neighbouring post.

Route 30 Check (Diss to Thetford)

As part of a longer bike ride, I check on Regional Route 30 between Diss and Thetford today. There were a few issues I was able to fix, and one that I had to report.

I added two new signs. The first was at Crackthorn Corner, to provide an additional sign to ensure west-bound cyclists take the right-turn.  The second was at the junction of West Harling Road and the B1111 where a previous sign had been mis-placed during repairs to the chevron sign after an accident.


The road sign at the junction of the C637 with Fen Road just west of Thenetham had come out of its foundation and was leaning at an angle against a tree. This has now been reported to Suffolk County Council.

Route Inspection: RR30 Thetford to Weeting

Today I went out to check on a section of route I hadn’t visited for a while: Regional Route 30 between Thetford and Weeting. The route itself was fine, though I needed to do a few sign repairs in Brandon. One sign on Woodcock Rise needed a clean, three signs were missing on DOwnham Way and St Benedict’s Road where the lamp-posts they had been attached to had been replaced by the Council, and there was one sign on a pipeline marker post on St Benedict’s Road that needed re-attaching.


There was also a missing sign in Weeting, for cyclists turning right out of Peppers Close onto Brandon Road. But I’ll need to go back to do that, as it needs a special “use cycle path” direction arrow. (The orignal — now missing — sign is shown below.)

New NCN Sign at Knettishall

Thanks to Suffolk County Council, the sign I’d previously requested and got agreement for at the Knettishall Cross-Roads was finally put up a few weeks ago. The new sign is at the junction of NCN Route 13 and RCN Route 30, and should help clear up any confusion at this hard-to-sign location.


Unfortunately we were never shown the final designs before the sign was put up, and the original sign was missing the Route 13 patches on the arm pointing towards Thetford. I’ve been able to correct that  reasonably well with the Sustrans stickers, although on one side the extra number isn’t technically in the right place. Also, the distances on the sign seem a bit short by my measuring, so I’m not sure how they were calculated.